Bethanchowk Naryanthan is a hill station near Kathmandu valley. Situated at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level, Bethanchowk is popular for its amazing natural settlement.

Bethanchowk Naryanthan is a hill station near Kathmandu valley. Situated at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level, Bethanchowk is popular for its amazing natural settlement. This hill was recently explored and is gaining popularity as one of the finest places for camping near Kathmandu valley.

A diverse range of flora and fauna and a complete nature camp that is unspoiled by human interference makes it a popular destination. It lies in the Kavrepalanchowk district and is considered as the highest mountain of the Mahabharata range.

Bethanchowk Narayanthan got its name after the enshrined Vishnu deity in the hilltop. There is a small temple dedicated to Lord Bishnu and many people from the neighbouring places visit this place during Bishnu related festivals. The mountain panorama stretched from Mount Dhaulagiri to Makalu is spectacular and the best views of sunrise and sunset are added attractions to it. The beautiful reflection of sun rays to the snow-capped mountains is amusing and prismatic.

Some of the major Himalayas seen from the top of Bethanchowk Narayanthan hill are Mount Everest, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu Himal, Dorje Lakpa, Langtang range and many other adjacent and neighbouring mountains. Because of its immense offerings and serene atmosphere, this place is becoming a wonderful hub for nature explorers and a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban lifestyle.

Narayanthan is a beautiful symbiosis of religion, adventure and nature. The isolated mountain terrains and very few human traces in the top are very admirable. Hiking up to the Narayanthan temple from the Dhungkharka of Kavrepalanchowk district is itself a wonderful getaway and offers an excellent hiking experience.

Where is Bethanchowk?

Bethanchowk is a part of southern hills seen from the Kavrepalanchowk district. It is the highest hill of the Mahabharata range and carries tremendous holy importance. The Bethanchowk Narayanthan is also known as the King of the Hills as it is the highest mountain in the area.

Envied by forested hills and peaceful surroundings is one of the major things that makes the Bethanchowk excursion a wonderful experience. The top of the hill acts as a vantage point and offers the majestic mountain views along with some views of the lowlands like Janakpur and Makwanpur districts.

As Bethanchowk boasts a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the whole hill part is named as Narayanthan. During the time of Fagu Purnima, the locals from Kavrepalanchowk visit this place to worship the Lord and stay there enchanting the religious mantras and enjoy the camping night.

Attractions and Activities

Bethanchowk Narayanthan is an amazing place that offers diverse experiences. From the religious importance to the impeccable natural beauty, Bethanchowk is a complete refreshing package. Furthermore, camping in Bethanchowk is an added advantage as you will get to explore more of that area while enjoying it with family and friends. During wintertime, the place also observes snowfall. For the people who want to enjoy snowfall while exploring the amazing mountain beauty, Bethanchowk could be a potential destination.


Bethanchowk Narayanthan is getting popularity as an amazing camping destination near Kathmandu valley. In the hilltop, there are no accommodation facilities available, so camping is an option to stay overnight in Bethanchowk. Camping and campfires in Bethanchowk are as astonishing as the nightclubs in some busy towns. Maybe that’s why camping in some rural mountains is sometimes called the nightclub in the hills.


During winter months (December, January, February), Narayanthan observes snowfall. Enjoying the snowfall could also be a wonderful activity in Bethanchowk. However, you need to be aware of the slippery trail.

Sunrise view

Bethanchowk is popular for its astonishing sunrise and sunset views. It offers the best sunrise views that reflect the mountain. The sun rising from the east makes the mountains in the west shine. The cloud beneath the mountain and sunrise radiating the golden colour all around, who wouldn’t love to observe the best rays of the time.


There is a small cave adjacent to the Bethanchowk hill. It is also an interesting part to explore in Narayanthan. The cave system is beautiful and small, however, the attempt to get inside the cave can be fatal, so it’s not recommended to get inside the small cave.

Cloud gazing

The floating cloud beneath the hill is very wonderful. Gazing the cloud and drawing the imagination around gives a new perspective to life. Cloud gazing from the top of Bethanchowk hill is one of the best things that you can do. The mountains playing hide and seek with the clouds at Bethanchowk is very astonishing and helps to develop things bigger than us, better than us.


Narayanthan is an incredible destination for Photography. A diverse range of flora and fauna, beautiful mountain views, sunrise and sunset views and the captivating atmosphere of this place lure the photography enthusiasts. Photography is the perfect way to capture the moments in a very physical form that portrays the lifestyle and nature, and the moment of very survival.

Equipment and Preparation

While visiting Bethanchowk for Camping, you need to have some important things that you might need there. Some information about Bethanchowk Narayanthan would come handy to better understand the place.

Camping gears

  • Tent
  • Dry Food, Snacks, Knife
  • Bowl, Small Frying Pan
  • Sleeping Bag, Trekking Poles
  • Fire Starter
  • Firewoods
  • Water, Nutritious Fluid
  • Foods etc.

Responsible Ecotourism

Narayanthan is an amazing destination in the outskirts of Kavrepalanchowk district. In a pristine and adventurous settlement, Bethanchowk is an emerging and highly preferred destination for nature geeks. But the environmental protection for such destinations is highly concerning at this time and it becomes the responsibility of every visitor. Littering and throwing garbage rampantly can have adverse impacts on the destination. So, responsible ecotourism practice is a huge concern for today’s tourism activities.

Minimizing the negative social and environmental impact generates a greater possibility of protecting the beautiful destination. So, while visiting camping sites such as Bethanchowk, it is very necessary that we care about the place we visit. While visiting the place, we should take back what we took there. It helps to protect the climate and atmosphere, enhancing sustainable practice.

While visiting Bethanchowk, the visitor should take things that are biodegradable. After exploring the beautiful place, keeping it clean and leaving it as it was before is another way that helps to keep the climate clean and pleasant. There are not any legal enforcement and law-abiding agencies to make people visiting Narayanthan aware to keep it clean and healthy. So, the voluntary and ethical practice of not harming the atmosphere from a personal level could minimize the impact that we are seeing in the newly explored areas nowadays.


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