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The prominent tourist site Narayanthan, often referred to as Bethanchowk, is situated in Kavre’s southern region in Nepal. It provides a breathtaking view of the surroundings and is thought to be the highest point in the Mahabharat range near Kathmandu. The revered Vishnu temple at the top of the hill, which draws a sizable number of devotees, particularly on Fagu Purnima, earned the hill the name Narayanthan.

One can take a local bus from Kavre or a direct bus from Kathmandu to Dhungkharka to get to Narayanthan. Depending on your walking speed, the hike to the summit of Bethanchowk from Dhungkharka takes about 4-5 hours. You can also take a bike or a car up the dirt path that goes to the top as an alternative. But, it’s crucial to drive carefully, especially on bumpy roads, and to take extra precautions over Chuchuro Pass because of the strong gusts.

There are only two resorts called Dhunkharka, thus it’s crucial to make reservations in advance if you intend to stay overnight. If you don’t have a tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, and some light snacks and water, spending the night on the hill can be difficult and wild.

One thing you really must do is see the sunrise from Narayanthan. Mornings are when nature is at its most colorful, making it a wonderful time to snap stunning pictures. Bring a speaker to play music from below for the first hour if you can’t climb the high tower. On the climb up, it’s crucial to preserve the environment and avoid littering.

It is enjoyable to walk up the hill if you don’t know how to drive or ride a bike. This is a fantastic day excursion because you may depart Kathmandu early in the morning and return in the evening. Make remember to pack a lightweight jacket and some lightweight clothing since the morning and evenings might be cool.

Nepal Tourism Hub recommends Narayanthan as a stunning and revered location with breath-taking vistas of the surrounding countryside. If you intend to stay the night, it’s critical to drive cautiously, show consideration for the environment, and make advance preparations.

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